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Friday, April 3, 2009

99th and 1/2 post

Ok I know I have not blogged in awhile.

The reason is that this is my 100th post and because I am really into that kind of celebratory shit I have been trying to thing up the ultimate 100th post.

but I am compelled to write this now because its just so ridiculous and since I am alone and have no one else to talk to I need to share.

I am in McDonalds or my office as I like to call it, procrastinating from doing so much homework I dont even have time to list it.

There is a guy on his cell phone fighting with his boss. It is so loud and so inappopriate and he has scarred my ears multiple times with the F curse. Right in McDonalds, home of that creepy clown Ronald and the happy meal. Its no place for the F word. Unless of course they ran out of fries. In which case that would require a rifle and a hostage situation along with lots of F words.

But what is it that makes people feel the need to bring others into their private business. Why dont you take that outside Mr. Blue Collar F curser? They are literally fighting over whether or not the calls on his cell phone are appropriate work calls.

"ok so sometimes when I am in traffic I call my wife to tell her the I will be late to pick the kids up"


"yeah well you said you were gonna give me something extra, some fucking compensation for how hard i work"

"i dont like to call you because i know you dont like to hear this shit"

on and on... now he is off the phone and telling others in the morning quiet of micky dees all about his life.

You dont know my life.... hahah that is from baby mama. funny movie...

Now he is bashing the government....

Wow for real... I should live in the basement... with my dear friend who really gets me. Things are much clearer down there. Its like when Willie Wonka brings the kids into the colorful part of the candy factory. And everything is rainbows and butterflies, well and candy too.

Thats how we are in the basement. Food tastes better, stories are funnier and lets face it the world is just such a better place below ground. Above ground there are cursers and teenagers and people that should be avoided.

I reserve the right to call this my 99 1/2 post because the 100th one should be better than this.

But its posting this or I get on the phone with Hubby and scream... what the fuck is going on in this world with loud talkers and oversharers?

only kidding. i never curse out loud. I whisper it...