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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I have been seriously neglecting this blog and I am thinking of starting fresh with a new tumbler instead. I need more things to distract me from my life.

Well in any case, a friend recently told me that it isnt right to test the people in your life when they dont know they are being tested. This came after I told her my idea that the person you love should go get you lobster at 2am if that is what you wanted. And I suggested that it be put to the test without the other person knowing because then you can really know if they will do it.

So I guess I kind of agreed, its not fair to judge people or test them without their knowledge but now I have changed my mind and here is why...

If you were being tested on knowledge, like what is my favorite ice cream and my sisters middle name, ok those are facts, things that you could ask and remember and study for.

new york superfudge chunk and Leigh in case you were wondering.

but if i am testing you on character then no, i can pull a test out at anytime i want, pop quiz style or surprise final exam and you should always be prepared because your character should not be something you need to remember or study for.

If i ask you if you would get me lobster at 2am and your instant reaction is to say no and i have to explain to you why i believe that is what makes you my soulmate well than you are not my soulmate.

And if i test you with information about a crisis in my life and you dont respond like i think you should why should i give you a second chance?

I have been through a lot of tragedy in my life and the thing is... I have discovered a quick and easy way to weed out the dead weight, the excess baggage in my world.

When my family is sick or in need of a prayer or a phone call or just an email and that doesnt come...well what do i need you for in my life?

Exactly I dont.

If you fail the test, you dont get a makeup or a do over or a second chance.

And that may sound shallow, judgemental or just plain mean but I am going through a tough time, just one short email like hey nancy how are you? no need to dwell on the issues, just a quick hello how are you?

if not, back away from my life please, i do not need a fair weather friend, too much has happened and too much can happen.

I dont have the energy to worry about it.

You failed the test.