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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day Tips

Here are 10 ways to make your mother/wife have a happy mothers day.

1. Get up before she does so she isnt awakened at 7am to let the dog out who right now is her favorite daughter in the house.

2. Do not fight with your sisters. It is annoying the other 364 days a year and maybe just maybe you could stop yourself for one day.

3. Anticipate her every whim, dont allow her to want for anything.

4. Do not fall asleep on the couch any time for any reason at any point over the course of the day.

5. Make your mom/wife feel like you really care and really appreciate her. This could be simply by cleaning or doing something you wouldnt ordinarily do.

6. Rub her feet, scratch her back, kiss her butt.

7. Call her and wish her a happy mothers day unless you are in a foreign country.

8. Think about all the things she does on a regular Sunday and do them for her without her having to ask for them, get coldcuts, finish the laundry so we have clothes for the week, make sure whatever she wants is available for dinner.

9. Dont wait to be told to do any of these things because once it had to be said in a blog it really is too late.

10. Mothers Day is the one day a year that mothers are supposed to have the day off. Oh wait that is only in the land of That would never happen land because no one in the world is capable of doing a mothers job or even coming close to it.

Its an overrated day. But really so is life isnt it? Yeah you can say I am being ungrateful and cynical and I probably am but its mothers day and I can do whatever I want. Tomorrow I will go back to being my bright and shiny self.. making all the world a better place. Just call me Mrs. Freakin Sunshine.