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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Home Alone Again

Ok so I am home alone again. I got out of work early, thought up all these great things to do and now am sitting at my computer thinking how I should be doing all those things but am so unmotivated.

Here is the thing. I love my kids. Really even when I complain about them. So I enjoy their company. I want to get a manicure pedicure but its not fun alone. There is no one to roll your eyes with or giggle uncontrollably.

I want to clean out the basement but that requires heavy lifting and I dont want to do that either. Alone. It doesnt seem fun at all to go through old games and toys with no one to be like, where did all the monopoly money go or why do we have 8 twister boards?

My room is a mess and I really should clean it but I dont even sleep in there anymore because of Hubby's snoring. I mean who cares if its a mess when hes in there.

Its about to storm and how fun is it to eat chips and dip and brownies alone in a storm. Not fun at all.

I could clean because the house is filthy. But I am waiting for a thyroid storm to come along to give me the energy to do that.

I am done with all my summer classes and waiting for my books for my fall classes so I have no homework to do.

Bills, paperwork, Nah, just dont feel like dealing with that right now.

A million phone calls to make doctor appts for D3 and D4 and the endocrinologist, D1 and Hubby for the dermatologist, me for the dentist, D2 for glasses... Problem is that could take all day and I could still not get anything accomplished.

Steam clean the carpet? no my mother borrowed the cleaner and i dont feel like going to get it.

Plus its about to pour.

Could do work, Actually I came home early and said I would do that, but I need my glasses and they are in the car, or downstairs or somewhere where I dont feel like looking for them.

Sit here pitifully, thinking if I had just had 2 more kids I wouldnt be this lonely.

Maybe I should go get a puppy,,,, that sounds like a fabulous idea.

See you... woof woof.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Home Alone

Did you ever see Home Alone?

That is me. I am home alone.

I mean not really. D1 is upstairs but she is leaving for work at 715am. Hubby is leaving at the same time. D2 is in Washington DC in her new apartment. D3 is away at camp until August 1st and D4 is vacationing with her friend in Myrtle Beach.

What shall I do with my aloneness?

Shall I clean the house?

No I have no helpers. I mean D1 helped cook and clear the table but I did the dishes. Is this what my life is going to be like when they leave for good? Me with all the chores.

I knew I had a lot of kids for a reason. Why is it getting so close to the empty nest? I am not ready. I mean I did lay outside all day. I ate when I was hungry and I went food shopping for 3 instead of 6. I didnt save any money though because I bought more expensive food.

Porterhouse steaks, roasted potatoes, cheesy bread, tomato and mozzarella salad and grilled vegetables.

And when D1 went to do laundry, there wasnt any. Granted I did all the laundry on Thursday but seriously... no laundry. I didnt even know those 2 words could be next to each other.

So here I am home alone at 11pm and what I am doing? Blogging. Answering email. Wishing someone was home to get me a bowl of cherries.

No helpers, no slaves, no one to talk girl talk to because hubby is a boy and clearly does not understand the merits of obsessing over certain subjects.

I miss my kids. Not just now but when they were little. I miss my life. The one I planned with lots of kids and fun. Not quiet. That is not fun at all.

Maybe I should start planning some tricks like Mulcalhy Culkin did in Home Alone. Watch out Hubby and D1.

The games shall begin.

Good thing Clover loves me.