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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I only have about 15 minutes to blog but I just saw the most disturbing thing on the news this morning.

Yeah besides the complete drama about Obama's dog.

Sexting... sending inappropriate pictures by cell phone texting or on the internet.

ok... have we all lost our minds in this world?

If you take a nude picture of yourself as a teenager and send it to your friend, boyfriend etc... you are charged with child pornography. then you are registered on the national child abuse registry for the next 30 years or more.

These are stupid kids doing silly thing and their whole life is ruined.

On the other hand, as a teenage girl how low of self esteem must you have if you are sending nude pictures of yourself to people?

They said the answer to this is parents.

Parents are the first line of defense they say.

but honestly until i heard this today on the news i would have had no idea that there were muliple kids out there participating in this and that the results are so catastrophic.

Your life is over. They just showed one story where a girl sent her boyfriend nude pictures of herself. He showed them to his friends who made copies and distributed them to other people and before long the whole school knew about it.

She hung herself in her closet with her cell phone close by after people repeatedly tortured her over it.

Ok I have a much more open relationship with D3 and D4 then I did with D1 and D2. I think because there is no one I am trying to keep things quiet from. We just openly talk more often.

but in my wildest dreams i would never have thought of saying... dont send naked pictures of yourself to your friends because you can be charged with child pornography.

There was a similar situation a few years ago when people took naked pictures of their children. I have many pictures of my kids in the bath and sitting on the potty and maybe one kid wearing nothing but a pair of my leather boots, but these are harmless adorable kid pictures.

As always in this world, the intent of what we are trying to do is lost and the specifics are ridiculous.

On the morning show there was an argument over whether the law should be changed or we should educate the kids that this is wrong.

Wow... what the hell? Of course we should educate our children that sending pictures of themself or anyone else is wrong. it is demeaning and obviously a call for help.

But... are these teenagers doomed to a lifetime of being on the sex offender registry? Is that the essence of what this registry is used for? Doesnt it seem ridiculous that these dumb teenagers will never lead a normal life?

Its just another thing in this world that I seriousy do not understand.

That and why we are so worried that the Obama girls got an adorable dog that they arent allergic to instead of a shelter dog like they were promised.

And while that is on the top of the news, pirates are taking over the world.

Well if one of them was Johnny Depp it wouldnt be so bad right?